Bear Adventures

Times I’ve encountered a bear hiking/camping= 0. Times a bear has visited me at home = 2. This was NOT in the budget 10,000 nails later, ammonia cups all around, and a live bear

A beautiful day in the mountains

I feel like we are just now reaching that turning point of recovery from the stress to really enjoying daily life. It’s been surprising to find that even after finishing six months ago, the

Birthday reflections

Year 37 was no joke with big amazing wonderful things like eloping, excelling at work, and finishing our house. But it was also full of crushing anxiety, falling out of good physical shape and

August side by side

It’s amazing how much you can do in a year. August 2017 August 2018

We did it!

We were right down to the wire, but we did it.  We got the certificate of occupancy and rolled over to a mortgage with only a day to spare. Time to celebrate, relax, reconnect

That sky, tho.

Eyes on the prize.  Hold it together a little bit longer. Calling this beautiful place home is the goal.


The incredible Kate and Zach came up to help us install the floors. Electric radiant heat under engineered bamboo, with a tile genkan/mud”room” by the door.  

It isn’t always glamorous

People ask how do you build a house having never done it before. Part of it is having the heart of this guy: outside in the snow on a Saturday night, making sure this

the not as pretty part

Not everything about this project is pretty.  Sometimes there’s plenty of things to take to the dump.