We Are

Two lovers
Building a life together
One small home at a time.

The Lady


After wandering around the world for nearly a decade, I visited family in Colorado in 2012 and thought, “This feels like home in a way I didn’t think anything ever would again.”  I’m currently rocking out on my third career, love learning new things, and despite all reasonable wisdom have no fear that taking on a project this huge with my lovebird Richard is anything other than the best idea ever.

The Gentleman


Neither here nor there, I find myself landlocked in the center of the states. What’s a boy to do if he can’t put a sailboat on a river? How about build the most amazing life with his lover? Looking through endless Dwell magazines combined with a love of trying (mostly failing) to live small drives me to the mountains to build. But let’s be honest – part of this is about all the fun new toys (ahem – I mean tools) I get to use!!!