The House

What will our love nest look like?

The posts below are about the planning and building of our love nest.

Copper countertops

Most of our beautiful successes are built on blood, sweat, tears, and swear words. Not necessarily in that order.    

Three months to go.

It’s coming along beautifully, no doubt. The kitchen has an island and running water. Next week, we’ll get it tested and then have running drinking water. The hard part of the deck is done.

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is electricity and heat. But look! It’s gonna be such a pretty house!!

Steel Beam

One of the fun items we got to install in our floor system is a steel beam where our bedroom wall ends. This aligns with one edge of our flat roof so it needed


We have begun the installation of our subfloor I-joists. We used TJIs be Weyerhaeuser which were fairly straightforward to install.  Because our foundation wall comes above the floor level in the bedroom we installed

Amazing friends make it happen.

It’s amazing what a crew of friends and family can get done in a long weekend. A floor, and half the walls of a house, to be exact. (A third wall between those is

Septic comes together

After many long days of digging rock, exploding rock, digging more rock, pick-axing rock, then digging more rock (get enough idea yet)… we’ve finally begun the construction phase on our septic system. We’ve filled

The right tool

There’s an old adage about “using the right tool for the job”. There’s also one about “time is money”. Occasionally these intersect at “right tool for the time”. We hit this intersection while building

Growing our strengths

Let me just say this, not all of this project plays to my strengths.  A project of this size can’t possibly play to all of my (many!  ahem…. ) strengths.  In fact, the beauty

Permits and plans and papers

And this week the paperwork tide shifted.  This was the week that the paperwork that so intimidates me –I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have a lot of trust in

It’s a House !

Today was a busy day for the LoveNest household. We filed an updated driveway plan with the county (and discovered we immediately need to do a 3rd filing), then we filed for our building

Vent Hoods

I LOVE vent hoods! This is not an overstatement or hyperbole. There’s something amazing about a well-designed vent hood that effectively whisks away the smoke emanating from a perfectly crisping item in a pan,