Fox Blocks

Fox blocks are kind of like styrofoam legos to make a the frame for a foundation.

The shed has a roof!

We made such a good start on the shed back in April.  We cut all the pieces of wood, color coded them for which wall they were destined for, bought materials and got them

Shed goes up

We got about a third of the roof on last night before it got too dark.


Sometimes, this is what success looks like. (This is what a septic field looks like under the green grass and ground.)

My friend Eric flies in to help!

“Basically anything we need to do to prepare for the 100 tons of sand is what we need to be doing today. “. TO THE PIT! A friend listens to your dreams and schemes.

House Shaped Hole

We had more explosions and made more rocks. Apparently, digging a foundation is like spring cleaning when you take everything out of where it usually is and make a huge mess. But eventually, this

A specific goal…

Me: Today’s goal: don’t tip the excavator into the pit. That’s a pretty specific goal, you ask. Why that goal today? Me: uh, no reason Whatever. Let’s just blow up this pile of rocks.

Make your own (temp) road

Sometimes you take the road less traveled; sometimes you learn how to drive a backhoe and make your own road.  

Growing our strengths

Let me just say this, not all of this project plays to my strengths.  A project of this size can’t possibly play to all of my (many!  ahem…. ) strengths.  In fact, the beauty