Permits and plans and papers

And this week the paperwork tide shifted.  This was the week that the paperwork that so intimidates me –I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t have a lot of trust in

Erosion control

Before major excavation, we are required to put in erosion control.  The internet made it seem so easy, so with out brand-new-to-us-certified-pre-dented truck, we rented the largest trencher Home Depot carried and headed up

One discounted tile at a time: the bathroom

Personally, I don’t understand why people what huge bathrooms, or two his/hers sinks (or other non-herteronormative equivalents).  Things I want in my bathroom are warmth, light, and a towel within reach.  And to not

Certified pre-dented truck

As Richard said, we just bought  a truck.  A certified pre-dented truck.  It is also canary yellow.  Or perhaps 35mph-turn-ahead-sign yellow.  Or perhaps daffodil yellow.  And let’s hope it’s not lemon yellow.   Here’s

Let there be light

One of the things Richard and I agree most clearly on is: lots of windows. I would say that at heart I am a desert child, growing up on the California/Nevada border with a

Italian kitchens

It’s hard to say what small things will leave an impression and inspire you for years to come. In 2009, I lived out of a backpack, spent many months bumming around S. America and

Initial survey, April 2nd

All full of nerves and excitement, one week before we were scheduled to close, with our offer accepted and only paperwork to wait on, we drove up to do an initial survey of the