11/30/17 – it’s a wrap

Here are some pictures of our house today – it’s finally been wrapped!!!!! The whole house feels unified in its white plastic sheeting as the first could of windows went in.  We are eagerly

Inspection Photos – Beams

These are the inspection photos for the beam installations.     BEAM PLACEMENT PHOTOS   Pockets for beams created in walls.   All beams in place.   All beams in place.   All beams

Inspection Photos – Foundation Perimeter

Below are the photos and info for 2 inspections: “Perimeter foundation drain” and “foundation damp-proofing”. Perimeter foundation drain 4″ of 3/4″ gravel in base of wall 3″ perforated pipe with 2 sets of holes

9/15/17 – Roof Beams

Today we got our roof beams installed. Quite a feat as our helpers dropped out; but Kori rocked the tag line and became an expert load balancer! Richard clamored on top of walls and

9/3/17 – More Walls

We continue to slowly build our walls and watch our house come together. We are now in the trickiest section of the house because the walls are not standing on the subfloor but rather

Steel Beam

One of the fun items we got to install in our floor system is a steel beam where our bedroom wall ends. This aligns with one edge of our flat roof so it needed