All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is electricity and heat. But look! It’s gonna be such a pretty house!!

The cold never stopped me. Nov 18

High of 38 degrees today didn’t make construction work super fun, but, little by little, we’re gonna have a house. (I don’t know if it’s a boy, girl, or anything else)


We got contractors out for this one. At a cost of approximately 37 overtime shifts, I’m still gonna say it’s beautiful and worth it.

Shedlife snow.

Thanks shedlife!  All this October snow has been…fun. Time for vacation. “My shoes, I remember, Were lost in the snowbank As if I planned never to walk again” Anne Sexton Vacation in the sun. 

The bears are not yet asleep

Well, hello bear. Hope you enjoyed the yogurts. The snuffling at the shed door was exciting thank you for not coming inside. Three days until vacation. Shedlife adventures.

Make your own road… or waterline

Sometimes you take the road less traveled by, sometimes you learn how to use heavy machinery and build your own road, sometimes you dig a 6ft trench for a water line through your road.

Roof and dirt

If any one wants to spend this beautiful weekend with Richard, his dad, and me finishing putting up plywood, building extensions for the roof, and moving dirt around we’ll teach cool stuff and give

October Snow

The weather forecast called for an inch of snow. That looks more like 3 or 4 to me. It calls for 75F weather this weekend. Richard both got tons of work done and tarped

Roof Re-do

  After the week of 40F rain, we realized this weekend that we’d need to rip out and replace a third of the beautiful ceiling we’d put in. In some future year, we’ll have