Not to sound princess-y or anything y’all, but I’m excited as $$&# to have a flushing toilet!  The port-a-john blue splash in the morning has worn off it’s charm. Comments from my friends: “how

Finishing the deck

The dream team came from California and S Dakota and we got a deck done. Weather ranged from sunny 70 degrees to snowing, because this is what spring in Colorado high country looks like.

Three months to go.

It’s coming along beautifully, no doubt. The kitchen has an island and running water. Next week, we’ll get it tested and then have running drinking water. The hard part of the deck is done.

Kitchen progress

It’s gonna be a kitchen shaped kitchen! Most cabinets scored from Ikea’s ‘As-Is’/’Nick and Dent’ corner. Trash compactor from ReStore. Sink from Wayfair’s extra discount corner.

Bedroom concrete floor

Richard is in love with the idea of having a concrete floor, a la Dwell magazine chic. Now that we have water from the well– yay!  no more hauling water up in containers! And

Cement mixer

… and also so much depends on an orange cement mixer dusted with snow… The Red Wheelbarrow BY WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside

Waterline finished

Another beautiful day of being desperately outside my comfort zone. But the water line is almost finished being buried!!! Dirt and pipes wise, we’re ready to turn on the water! Just another hour or

Drywall drama

It is currently slow, behind schedule, above budget, frustrating and terribly stressful as deadlines approach. But won’t it be nice to sit in that sunlight, curled up on a couch one day? At this

We have power!

After 9 months of generators and charging Ryobi batteries at friends’ houses.  WE HAVE POWER. Lessons learned:  OMG, get temp power.

Kitchens are hard

Many people joke that a kitchen remodel will destroy a marriage. And hot damn has been trying to figure out what to do about countertops been hard.  We have a big space and want